Whirlwind Curlies

Curlies are a rare breed with a unique history and a hypo-allergenic coat.
The Curly Horse is known for its intelligence, easy going temperament, high level of endurance and a willing spirit.

Curlies are known for their calm, intelligent and friendly personality.Curlies are a people horse and love the attention. They exhibit an easily trainable temperament. Curlies are also known for having a tough constitution and great stamina. The curlies are typically not flighty. They tend to do more reasoning than most breeds. They are very reliable and have a great work ethic.

Curlies come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and all colors. The winter curls on different horses can range from crushed velvet looking, to marcel waves, to tight ringlets, to "french knot" type micro curls. Manes and forelocks can be corkscrewed, ringleted, or dreadlocked. Tails may have some wave or curl and some manes are split. The hair in their ears are curly, the whiskers, eyelashes, and fetlocks are often curly or wavy. These curls are considered a true specialty of the breed, and most owners would never trim or clip them off. In summer, Curlies typically shed out to a slick coat, sometimes still appearing slightly wavy, but keep the curls inside their ears and on their fetlocks. Some Curlies keep strongly curled hair all year round, though not as thick or long, in the summer.

Curlies do not need to be pampered, but they do need good basic care. Since they are a horse that developed in the wild, they tend to be easy keepers, with tough hooves and hardy constitutions. They tend to be winter hardy. This does not excuse lack of care, though. Good food in the right amounts, adequate shelter, regular veterinary care, worming, hoof trimming, dental care, etc., all should be provided just as they would be for any other horse.
Curlies excel at all disciplines. They make an excellent companion and will try their best with an exceptional work ethic.
Curly Horses Can Do It All.